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I have inspirations about each song that I've received and written from Holy Spirit

1.” Amazing love”
I am so humbly touched by God’s amazing love. Sometimes I don’t feel deserving. And as some of us struggle with forgiving one another – He’s forever faithful towards me in the times that I may fail.
Psalm 86:15

2. “Dance”
Partying in the spirit – a celebration of God’s wonderful goodness and mercy.

3. “Decision”
Sadness comes to my heart when Jesus awesome love for us is not reciprocated. Even through the gruesome sacrifice – he never turned back from it but only thought of us. He rather had died for me and you than to live without us.
John 3:16

4. “Ease”
A mellow song of God’s refreshing spirit that makes life more at ease.
I Peter 5:6-7

5. “Fun in the Son”
Such a clarity to know that Jesus is the perfect peace that we could ever know. It creates a freedom and bond with our Savior. He dances over us. In turn we will have fun in the spirit of him who brings us joy and laughter.

6. “Holy Spirit”
What a joy and refreshing that overtook me when I truly learned
about the holy spirit one day as being a distinct person of the
trinity and how he powerfully works in our lives. I truly
welcomed him in mine.

7. “Just Jesus”
We have a possession that transcends all difficulty in this world that can make us become discouraged. There’s a fresh hope in Jesus when life doesn’t make sense. He is perfect and true – counteracting falsity and confusion. I desire nothing this world has to offer – for Jesus is the fulfillment of all I will ever need or desire.

8 “True Valentine”
There’s so many people that celebrate valentine’s day but only a
minority of us become intimate with the form of divine love.  This agape love is what’s meant to be lived unconditionally. I discovered my real love through the quest of a deeper relationship with Jesus.  He became my true valentine.

9 “Your’e the One”
I often pondered – what is there in this present world of human experience and events that would captivate and bound my heart?  My answer – absolutely nothing. For I realize the passion that I have for my lord and savior makes my life complete.

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