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I’d like to express an opportunity I had last year with a great woman of God that I admired for quite some time but just on television. I remember my thoughts of this woman, Babbie Mason, a well known Christian music writer and singer. She is also known for online radio called Babbie Mason Radio. This is only one of her businesses in the music industry.

Babbie Mason

So, as I discovered her on her weekly Christian TV show that showcased her singing and interviewing of many other Christian artists, I became intrigued. I thought that it would be nice to meet and hear about her accomplishments in the music industry, and learn from her how to navigate this business of music. Of course, I prayed about this situation as I do in everything, and I have to say that it’s quite a privilege to know God in such a close relationship.

Low and behold He created a situation for me later to meet her!

My story as follows began with an online search for a Christian artist workshop for songwriters in my area. When I discovered a workshop located in Inglewood, California – I discovered that Babbie Mason was one of the main speakers. The company posted information on each speaker regarding their accomplishments and businesses, and this is where I learned about her online radio show that helps indie artists like me showcase their music through promotions and campaigns.

I then called her office and her secretary gave me information on how to submit songs for promotion. As we talked I noted how attentive she was to my questions, especially the ones not related to submissions. As for the questions she couldn’t answer, she told me she would have someone else call me back. Well, within 30 minutes I received a personal call from Babbie Mason herself – OMG!!! She proceeded to introduce herself and said that she just wanted to call and give me all the info I needed to really help me. All of this was so wonderful- especially to see how God was soooo faithful to me and my prayer to him.

Moving forward – I was able to submit my song called “EASE” to Babbie Mason radio with a nice exposure campaign for a month. I will be doing it again soon. Through all of this, I just want to acknowledge this woman of God and how she took the time with me out of her hectic schedule to give me more understanding of the music business.

I’d like to end with the introduction of the song “EASE”. It’s a mellow song of God’s refreshing spirit that makes life more at ease in going through the struggles we face.

I Peter 5: 6-7
Humble yourselves, therefore under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time.  Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Listen to the song, “Ease”, and be truly blessed resting in the arms of our Abba Father.


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